17 July, 2008

Its almost time to cruise!

So I've been getting ready for this virtual cruise I'm hosting. Wow, its been alot of work! I am so happy to do it; and hope that all the girls aboard will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

I'm nervous though - hopefully the projects are interesting enough!!

I was daydreaming about opening up my own store with the bf last night; oh how I wish I had the start up money and time to do that! Then I could make my hobby my job! LOL!!

So our renters backed out of this weekend at the trailer... the bad thing is that we don't get the money; the good news is that we can go up this weekend. Looks like I'll be cruisin' from my trailer, haha!!

Sneak Peeks for the projects:


Lauri said...

Yay! This is going to be so much fun!!! Thanks for posting!

In My Minds Eye said...

ooooh, I like the sneaks...I see a suitcase!! i'm so curious about the others...don't worry, I'm a patient person, I can wait. :) Yay! Thanks so much for putting this cruise together Karen and Lauri! It's gonna be a blast!

Carolyn said...

I am SO ready for a cruise!!! Love the suitcase and hte life jacket!!! I am super excited to see all that you have planned:o)