01 October, 2008

Tagging, blogging, confusion

Man oh man.. there has to be an easier way to blog!
I can't seem to find how to do anything, let alone remember my password!! LOL

Okay, so what was with tinkerbelle? Apparently she's supposed to be here but I can't see her........................=P

I will have pics of the dog soon, promise!!


kadie said...

omgosh you moved to the top, that means you posted!! yay, karen!! Can't wait to see Rockstar pics!

MacLean_Family said...

Waaaahooooooooooooooo!! Even if it was verbal diahorrea! LOL :) Love you honey! Yes! Post pics of the little puppy! We'd love to see her!

Lauri said...

wow! I nearly fainted when I saw your blog hop up my blogroll!

Carolyn Bounds said...

Yay!!! Karen is back!!!! I missed you:o)