14 November, 2008



I REALLY don't want to work today... bleh.
Its cloudy and cold today which would be a perfect day to sit at home at my dining room table and craft away..... I have swaps to get done! Darn WORK getting in the way! yucko!

So I took inventory last night of the stamps I have accumulated since I re-started papercrafting and holy sh*t! If it weren't for the wonderful gals I've made friends with on SCS, the sensible side of me would be telling me to STOP! Its costing too much!! At least dbf doesn't REALLY know the cost total!

So I suppose since I'm not posting a new card for you all to take a look see at, I should post something interesting. So, I'm posting a challenge for you all.

During my inventory last night, I realized that I had a good number of stamps and stamp sets that I have NOT even trimmed & mounted - let alone inked up! So here's my challenge to all of you.

Step 1: Gather all stamps and/or stamp sets that you have either NEVER used, or have not used for a very long time. A very long time being months or years, depending on how long you've been stamping for. If you use all your stamps on a regular basis, I bow to you!

Step 2: CLOSE YOUR EYES and reach into that pile & pick out a random set. DON"T LOOK!!!!!!!!

Now of course I could just say "make a card" but that would be too easy! There has to be rules!!

Step 3: Create a card using
a) a minimum of 3 layers
b) a minimum of 2 colors EXCLUDING black & white (if you choose to use black or white, you must incorporate at least 2 other colors)
c) use at least 1 embellishment (ribbon, button, brad, eyelet, card candy, etc.)

Step 4: Post a comment here with a link to your blog (with photo and info on your card).

********** If you don't have a blog, post a photo with details in your gallery on SCS and again, post a comment and link here.

Well, I guess as some encouragement to get your on you way, I should give something away... so... post by Next Friday, November 28th, '08 and everyone who completes the challenge will receive a card kit from me.



Lauri said...

man, you are tough! okay..I know I have quite a lot I have not used....

Anonymous said...

sheesh woman - you do make a challenge challenging. Are you including non SU? If so, cool - if not, well I only have one SU set I've never inked (I only have two sets - LOL)

hmmm - I need to start plotting and planning...

Carolyn Bounds said...

Sounds fabulous!!! I have some things that I have to get finished first, but I will definitely play along!!!


Mary(OhioMary) said...

Oh man, I must say that most of my stamp sets have not been used. And if you checked out my craft room on my blog you would know how many stamps sets that is or at least get an idea. I've been posting on SCS the stamp sets that I have actually used. I will try and get this done. Sounds like a fun challenge.

Mary(OhioMary) said...

Okay mine is done. Since I don't know how to put a link in a comment you can find the winter monkey card on either my blog A Latte Inkin' Fun or in my SCS Gallery under OhioMary. I picked the monkey out of a small drawer of unused monkeys. I think it meets all the rules.

kadie said...

Karen!! Thanks for the challenge, and I accept. :) My card is posted on my blog 11-20-08. Thanks for letting me play!! Now on to Mary's challenge. Hugs!!