21 January, 2009

Monsters Ink.......

they ink, they bathe.. did you know?!

I got this image in the mail yesterday - thanks to SANDRA letting us know about VICTORIA CASE ART STAMPS in her blog. So of course, I checked out her site and bought me a monstah!!

I couldn't wait to ink up this little guy yesterday and so I did. I attempted some coloring too and it seemed to turn out okay. I played around with the layout a billion times and still am not 100% happy with what I came up with. I would like to attempt this card again, but maybe a larger square card... now to come up with a sentiment for it.. I'll have to get my creative juices flowing!

Again you'll have to excuse the photo - bf had his laptop plugged in yesterday and I could get the image off my regular camera and uploaded. So I resorted to the ol' blackberry camera... I know I know... its dark and horrible....

For this card I used Chocolate Chip for the base, and layere Pink Passion with some dotty patterned paper from my cheap.. sorry, economical Walmart pad of paper. I colored the image with Stampin' Up!'s watercolor pencils and blended with the blender pens. Used a little thin pink satin ribbon and 3 dew drops (the medium pink from the Hyacinth bottle).

So.. how's this little poem for the card?
A big fuzzy monster
I found under my bed
He should be scary
but he’s cute instead

I shrieked like a bell
You need a bath, mister!
You make my room smell!

So off the the bathtub
With my monster in tow
I scrubbed his fur clean
With the bubbles a - flow

You’ll see mister monster
You’ll be as clean as can be
Then you’ll be welcome
To come dream with me!


Catherine said...

Such a cute card, Kare! And I love the poem - too sweet!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS! I am in a yelling mood today but this seriously deserves some loud praises. It's to do for and the poem is perfection for this image. As always - you rocked it girlfriend!

kadie said...

That card is ADORABLE!! Did you write that diddy yourself? Soooo cute!

MiamiKel said...

Oh too cute - I am in love with these stamps and am oogling this wonderful artist! You sure did it justice! HILARIOUS poetry!

Lorie said...

I think your coloring turned out great, Karen. And...I think you need a hookup with someone at Hallmark. Your poem ROCKS!! Great image, great coloring, great poem...I guess suffice is to say this card is all around GREAT!!!

karen said...

thanks gals.. yep, came up with that litte poem myself =)

You all sure know how to make my ego explode =)

Victoria said...

Oh Karen- I love the CUTE card and most especially the sweet little poem- you made my heart smile today! :)
Thank you!!!

Susan said...

Too cute and your coloring is great, what are you talking about!! That poem is just perfect!

Carolyn Bounds said...

Awww...how sweet is this?!?! I love it:o) The colors are fabulous, and you colored the image brilliantly!!! I do LOVE the adorable poem!!! You can make fabulous cards AND create wonderfully sweet poetry!!! I am so very envious!!!

Monster hugs!

Judy McMullen (JAM123) said...

As usual I'm way behind, Karen. Just checking out your blog after too long away and saw this card and your poem. I am so impressed, girlfriend! You are so so creative...love the poem!!!