07 January, 2009

Valentine's Kisses

Good Morning all~
Its been a while ya? Hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday.

So, I did fineally get to doing some stamping this year! The card i'll share withy you all today is a prototype of a v-day card for a swap I'm in on SCS hosted by Lauriloo.

This is the first time I inked up the background stamp which has a beautiful message about love on it. I got that in the pile of unmounted rubber off of an ebay auction. I inked up Melinda (Whiff of Joy) again, I love this image, it so adorable!

I didn't color her in. Partly because I think I suck at coloring, and partly because I thought she looked better "naked" for this card.

So now onto New Year's business!
What are your resolutions this year? I have a couple. First, I want to get my stamping space organized. Well, my stamps anyways. Thanks to some very VERY special sisters, I got a HUGE gift certificate for Rubbernecker, and my order came in the mail last night. I used the Tim Holtz paper distresser on the card about to soften the edges on the kraft stock and the momento coco ink for the images. I also got some EZmount and mounted pretty much all my unmounted rubber last night. yes, there I was sitting at the dining room table with sticky fingers mounting and snipping away. Put a little dent in my list of organizing to do's! I can't thank you ladies enough for your very generous gift!
My next resolution is cooking related. I am going to try a new recipe every 2 weeks (or two times per month anyway). Bf bought me a Nintendo DS and with it, the Cooking Personal Trainer software. There are over 200 recipes on it, and I want to try a bunch of them. This weekend will be my first experiment, though I have yet to decide on the recipe. It will be from the software, or perhaps a recipe i have gotten in a swap, or any of the recipes I find around - only rule for me is that it has to be new! I'm sure there will hits and misses, but I'm excited to get cookin'!
I'd like to make a final stamping resolution, but have yet to decide what that will be - so ladies? My question to you is.. what are YOUR resolutions this year?
Lastly, the Hanna Stamps release party is coming upon us quickly! Check out my favorite DT memeber's blog for sneak peeks! SANDRA is such a talented lady! Well, that is all for now. Back to WORK... its a blizzard out there and its nice to be inside while the white falls down......


Anonymous said...

She's adorable! I love that you left her plain (and you don't suck at coloring) it really makes her pop.

My resolution - no bad relationships - LOL..... Guess I'll be single all year :)

Catherine said...

Hi Kare-bear! Loving this card!
You do not suck at coloring! If the copics are giving you fits right now, try pencils or wonder color crayons - totally non-threatening! LOL
My resolution is to get more organized - in all aspects of life.

Lorie said...

Hi Karen!
I love your Melinda card and ditto on the YOU DON'T SUCK AT COLORING comments!!! I really like that you used blues for this card. Very pretty! I haven't officially made any resolutions, but I would like to continue to lose weight, and not worry so much (Yep...I'm a worrier. I worry about everything and everybody)! Hopefully everything else will fall into place!

Love ya!

Susan said...

Oh Karen, I love this card! So pretty! I'm sure you don't suck at coloring!! I do like that you left her "nekked" though!

My resolutions are to be more patient with others and not take life so seriously. Oh and to be a loser on Skinny Bop!

I love your blog design theme!!

{hugs} - Susan

MiamiKel said...

Love love love it - what a treat to see. She looks wonderful as is -- she really stands out and your coloring is FINE, you hear?!! :)
Happy 2009 babe -- good to see you blawgin!!

Lauri said...

A Naked Swap!!! So, are you going to host one now??


Anonymous said...

So cute! Love your Melinda card.
And you so do NOT suck at coloring!

My resolutions for the new year are the same ones I make every year: lose weight, exercise and get organized!

Carolyn Bounds said...

Your card is fabulous!!! I still don't understand why you think you suck at coloring?!?! I think you do a wonderful job!!! Stop being so hard on yourself!!! That's an order!:o)

My resolution for this year is to save more money and not feel the need to have so much stamping stuff...(insert shocked face here). I know it is going to be hard as I am so very addicted, but I am going to give it my best shot. Wish me luck!