03 February, 2009

Friends with Stamps.....

Check out the SHOWCASE on ELZYBELLS website!

My wonderful talented friend from Florida has a card featured on her site! Congratulations Kelly!!

Next is the VERY creative Lauri Ingram! Not only is she on the DT for Doggone stamps, she was featured on the front page of TWO SCOOPS RICE designs blog! GO LAURI!!

Well, I HAVE done some cardmaking, however; not a whole lot of it. I did take the opportunity for SuperBowl Sunday to color in a bunch of images and so I have some "ready to go". Plus the swaps I still have to work on!! So yeah, i guess I should get crackin' eh?

Its really coming down this morning out here in Toronto - hmm.. maybe they'll let us go home early from work! Wouldn't that be awesome??! Then I could REALLY go home and do some stampin'!!


Lorie said...

Yay Kelly and Lauri! I'm so happy to see their talent showcased! Woohoo!! *borrowing Karen's Pom-Poms and waving wildly* Thanks Karen for linking us up so we can share their excitement!!

kadie said...

We know card-famous people! Isn't that cool!

I'm with you on the getting images "ready". I colored several images during the SB as well and now I just stare at them wondering and waiting for a card to appear behind them :) IF only it were that easy. LOL! Love ya, Kare-bear!

Lauri said...

you're kidding, right??? I did not even see that !!!! AAH!

So when are you going to start strutting your talent more on your blog? TIme to post more cards, lady!

thank you!
oh..and my word verification for this post...forkinag....cracks me up for some weird reason...