17 March, 2009

Swapping Without Obligation

In case you don't read the comments posted on my blog, I had to bring this to your attention. Dear Sweet UUUUUBER talented Carolyn posted this comment:

"Maybe my mojo is hangin' out with your mojo sipping maragaritas on some secluded island surrounded by ripped and tanned surfer guys:o) At least that would explain why mine doesn't want to stay home;o)"

and it has me in stiches.... so I had to share it "aloud" ~ lol!!

My mojo is definately not coming back to my house after sippin' margaritas with ripped and tan surfer guys.. I mean lets face it.. the man candy I have at home is not really the ripped tanned surfer guy - type. LOL

I think I have signed up for something like 6 or 7 swaps of late. And having a mojo that's MIA is NOT helpful. Its tough sometimes, when you have friends creating swaps and you really want to join them. Mostly its beacause everyone else is and you want to see what they've created! But alas, we are SAVED! SUSAN has given us permission to swap without obligation! That's right, swap when you want to, when you have mojo & when you have time. That doesn't mean flake on your swaps of course, it only pertains to JOINING a swap!

Thanks Susan, for this lovely logo.

Oh, and head on over to her blog, she recently posted a GREAT spreadsheet she found for matching up cardstock and marker colors!


Lauri said...

Great logo! I have to say, I wish I had more time to do more swaps, but I overcommit and that takes all the fun out of it!! So, I try to say no...and the next thing I know...I make a list and....AAAHHHHHH!!

Carolyn Bounds said...

I thought our mojo's were hangin' out with one another;o) Man, how I wish we could!!!

I am happy the comment made you smile!! Believe me, I know how frustrating it can be when the mojo is MIA...and it always happens when you have a million and one things to create! UGH!!! Knowing you, you will find your mojo very soon and start whipping out masterpieces before we know it:o) Hope your day is FABULOUS!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey ladies - can you send my mojo home now? I've been calling and calling - shoulda figured it was hanging with you'all...

And really now - why do the mojo's get all the fun?

Lorie said...

I'm feeling the overwhelmed swap thingy lately too! I'm not even sure my mojo has been lucky enough to hang with yours! I hope it catches up soon!!!!

Susan said...

Hey, remember, it all started with BWO. SWO was the next natural step. Soon we'll be MWO or IRLO (married without obligation or (in relationship without obligation) and WWO (working without obligation) and ... wait a minute, I think those 4 would be all I need for a perfect world! Well, those and the ripped and tanned guys toting margaritas! LOL!
Luv ya KareBear! {HUGS}