12 January, 2009

A bit of Hanna, and some ATG!

I made this card using Hanna Stamps B is for Baby set.

Its also my first successful attempt at paper piecing. I always admire cards with all the detailed snips and love the way they pop out. I thought i'd give this one a try since the images are pretty easy to cut around. I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out, given it being my first try! I took this picture before I added some pink stickles along the edge of the centre.

This is made for my friend who's expecting her 2nd baby girl this week!

I was so excited my paper piecing worked out, i decided to copy it for a swap I joined. This is such a cute set, and I think I'm getting addicted to Hanna Stamps now! They're so easy to use & if any of you were at thier most recent release party - you may have seen me mentin that they smell nice too... haha.

Stamps: Hanna Stamps "B is for Baby"
Paypah: SU! - Pixie pink, Pink Passion
Embellies: green walmart ribbon; Stickles: cotton candy pink

Here is the baby card for the swap:

I hope they like it!

Stamps: Hanna Stamps "B is for Baby"
Paypah: SU! Bashful blue, certainly celery, so saffron; walmart patterned paper
Embellies: Clear dew drops; Stickles: baby blue

I ordered my ATG online yesterday from NHS media. This is the 3M ATG714. It arrived via purolator this morning at the office. So, I'd been taking it out of its box, petting it a little, putting it back.. waiting to get home to give it a go! Well, the time is now. Here is the ATG loaded and ready to go. Its quite simple to load.

Here is a snapshot of it next to your typical 472 inches of SNAIL adhesive. Now, you can see the size difference of the gun itself, and how much MORE adhesive you get per roll.

I can definately see the benefits of using a gun like this for big projects, swaps & things where you need to use alot of glue. The cost of the gun will pay itself off in refill savings for those of us who stamp alot! Now, i'm right handed, and the most comfortable position for me, is to glue/write/doodle with things at an angle. The following picture is my attempt at showing you what I see when trying to line the edge of this piece of CS. As you can see, the downfall for me, is that I can't really see clearly where the tape is. The roller is about 1/2" wide, and the tape is 1/4" wide, and sits at the edge of the roller to one side (from the angle, it is the side closest to me). So, its a bit fidgety to see where EXACTLY to place the glue.

So, the easier way to glue for me, is to glue along the edge closest to me. Again, in this photo, i attempt to show you the angle as I see it. (That is, i stuck the camera in front of my face to take the photo). You can see here that its easier to guage where the glue goes, becuase the tape runs along the edge of the roller here. Put the roller along the edge, and that's where your glue goes! (Please excuse the pink plaid pj pants....)

Now, due to the size of this gun, its really hard to glue pieces that are small and odd shaped.. it works, but its taking practice.....

So, VOILA... here's the card I ended up making for this little "review".

Stamps: ELZYBELLS "coffee friends"
Paypah: SU! purely pommegranate, sage shadow, My minds eye patterned paper
Embellies: Dollar store find

Pros: Lightweight, easy to load, sure to save money on adhesive, dont have to change the roll after every swap - the tape is about 3 times the the amount you get in a SNAIL or MONO.

Cons: Bulky, so you need to be careful where you place your roller tip; the adhesive doesn't "finish off" as "cleanly" as a SNAIL.... and well lets face it.. its ugly as sin.

Still, it gets a thumbs up from me! I'm sure my ATG and I will become very, very good friends..


Sandra MacLean said...

Bhahahhahhahahaa!!! That is an AWESOME picture Karen!! LOL And a great tutorial too! And you're right, it is a little cumbersome to glue the little pieces so I'll probably keep my snail for those pieces. Oh, and by the way....I think the smell of the acrylic stamps are getting to you....you seriously cut every one of those little booties and bib and onsie out for each and every swap card?? Are you nuts?? Oh wait....yeah, you are. LOL :D

MiamiKel said...

ROFLMBO! **SMOOCH** Who needs the frog, baby! LOL! You are a riot but pretty good at cards, girl -- LOVE those baby ones and the Hanna set! Superb!

Holly said...

LOL! I had to giggle at you kissing your ATG gun. I love mine as well.
Great baby cards!

Lorie said...

Looks like you and that new ATG gun already have a pretty "personal" relationship! LOL that's so funny! Your baby cards are great, and I've gotta have me one of those ATG guns!

Mary(OhioMary) said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying your tape gun and they cards are very cute. You did a good pop-up job.

Carolyn Bounds said...

Sheesh! Hahahaha!!! You are just too much!!!! First off, I love your baby cards and your Elzy Bell's card. They are fabulous!!! Those baby cards look like a lot of work, but the end result is fabulous!!! Now, the kiss is priceless!!! Hahahaha!!! I think that picture is going into a frame in my craft room...talk about love for the craft! Thanks for the cheer on a gloomy day:o)


Anonymous said...

I love this! It's worth having your fingers ache like crazy when you're done because it looks so darn cool...

Great tutorial too! YOu kicked butt on this posting sugarplum!

kadie said...

These baby cards are adorable!! Oh my gosh, that last pic of you is frickin hilarious. Ahh geez, Karen...I'd like to keep my tea in my mouth and not all over my computer screen!

Susan said...

Get a room, will ya?? LOL I'm glad to see you're showing your ATG some love, in more ways than one!
Those cards are just way cute; I can't believe you cut out all of those bitty baby things!!!