06 April, 2009

What have I been up to?

Well its been ages since I've posted.... just one little post about not being obligated to post and there I go..... dropping off Stamping Planet.... oops!

Well, its been busy 'round here... and I thought I'd post a little teaser of what I've been working on!
These are a bowl full of bath fizzies (bath bombs) that I've been whipping up. I'm up to my eyeballs in soaps and bath goodies. So for those of my friends who have missed my post on SCS, here they are!

The bowl is full of wonderful scents including Orange Creamsicle, Lime Margarita and Sex on the Beach! (smells just like the drink). I may re-name that one, hehe. It smells like sweet tarts candy to me.. a sugary sweet scent. I love it! My favorite so far is Midnight Pommegranate and well, there are none of those in the bowl because what I haven't given away, I've used.. haha.

These bath fizzies are made with natural, unrefined shea butter so your skin feels so smooth after getting out of the tub. Yummy enough to eat?!

Well all this soaping has left me little time to stamp... yikes!!
I am keeping up with swaps (I think) and I think I have another 5 due pretty soon!
I guess I got to get to stampin' soon & show some pics..... that is if I don't get buried in savon....

I did recently get my Hanna Stamps order! some new dew drops and papers for the pirate swap I'm in hosted by wydstar. The perfect swap so that I can use my Pirate Riley rubber, and yes...... my brand spankin new COPIC RILEY set!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!

Now to find the time to stamp!!!!!!!



Lauri said...

Yay!! So...more details on the company!! What are you calling your soaps??

Lorie said...

Oh my! Do I ever wish my computer had "smelling" capabilities! Those bath bombs sound positively YUMMY...for both the skin and the nose!! I can't wait to try out all of your products!!!!

kadie said...

Don't you dare rename Sex on the Beach!! :) I have some of the soaps and I think the name fits...not that they are risque, they're butterflies!! Get ur minds out the gutter people! :) I love your bath stuff and I can't wait for you to launch!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen - they are beautiful! They actually look almost a bit like little sweet tart type candies. Wow - how was that for a qualification, LOL...

I can't wait to get on line and order me some!

Hugs to you, you amazing woman!

Mary(OhioMary) said...

I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to get my hands on some more yummy products. I had the balt salts teaser...now I need more.

Sandra MacLean said...

Congratulations on your new business venture Karen!!! If the samples you sent me are anything to go by, your business is going to take off!! :)

Carolyn Bounds said...

These bath fizzies sound yummy!!! I will be looking forward to placing my order!!! I am so ecstatic for you and your wonderful new business!!!!!:o) It is so very exciting to know a future celebrity!!! I can see you being featured on Oprah very soon:o)