18 June, 2009

Blog Candy Again!

Okay, so it seems I only post when there's a giveaway lately! LOL

Catherine the PaperAddict has a great blog candy give away. Like Catherine, I have been thinking about the future and what changes I can make to improve life. Improve MY life, and become a better global citizen too. So check out Catherine's post and blog candy, and take a minute to think about changes that you'd like to make.

This article from the Good Human just landed in my email & I thought it went along well with what I was saying above.

STOP Living throw-away lives

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy & Stay Crafty!


1 comment:

Catherine said...

Shame on me, I only now got around to clicking the link and reading the article. All I can say is "AMEN!" I have been thinking about this lately, too. I made sure when I started buying furniture that I got good quality, and to buy something I love. Esp. my bedroom furniture - those pieces are lifers for sure - made of hardrock maple from, where else, CANADA! LOL!

Hope you will share more of these.