06 January, 2010

New year, newly organized... kinda.

I don't know about you all, but I am happy to start a new year. I have bright eyes looking to the times ahead & I"m happy to put alot of last year's troubles behind. It just seemed one thing after another went wrong for us. From the contractor screwing up our floors, to our new couches that were defective, clothes that shrunk (or waistline that expanded), just to name a thing or two. It was nice see the clock strike twelve and put all of that behind us!

One of the things I wanted to do this year, is get more organized. I have been thinking about paper storage for some time. We had our condo up for sale, and it had not sold, so I said to myself, well - now I can take everything back out of the boxes they were in, and actually think about getting some storage solutions and organize the space.

Well, partly that has come true. After Christmas, Michael's had thier storage cubes on sale for 50% off and so I used a little Christmas moolah to pick some up. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with my crafting supplies.

This unit sits in the corner of our den. Its made up of 5 cubes of different configurations and the whole thing can be switched around and changed if wanted. I used an old little shelf that's been around for a while and painted a number of times. I will eventually one day strip it back down to bare wood but for now it serves its purpose as my stamp storage.

There is a now a place for my paper trimmer and my scor-pal, stampin' scrub and ATG within easy reach. I used the drawers to store some chipboard embellies, rub-ons, etc. and my cuttlebug stuff, and the stamp a ma jig that I bought that I haven't ever used yet. haha

Some more drawers housing glues, ink pads (for now), envies and some prima flowers.

Finally some organization for my embellies. I have since organized this drawer by color. I also have a place to store my markers! WOOHOO!

Now, I'm not showing you the rest of the room yet because well - its currently a catch all for everything that doesn't have a home, and things that DO have a home but haven't been put back yet. Its a disaster!!

What I WILL share with you is the Secret Santa gift i got from a very special lady. This is the secret santa exchange I had with my friends from SCS. The lovely and talented Judy got stuck with me! I should really have posted this some time ago, but with the holidays, you know how things can get!

She used PTI stamps and the template they have for this cute as can be 3-d house. It was stuffed full of goodies, embellies, candles, chocolate - all just for me! I was tickled pink when I opened this and it is still proudly displayed on top of my television. It gets me all glassy eyed to think of the time and effort it took for her to make something so detailed. I am sooooooo thankful to have met Judy, and all my other sisters on Splitcoast. Its been oh.... gee. I think we're closing in on 3 years now.

Here is the little house. Untie the ribbon and the roof lifts off!

Dontcha just LOVE the card?? Its sooo adorable! and yep, that's her sunshiny face smiling back! how creative!!!!!

And of course, all the yummy goodness that was inside! can't believe it all fit in there!

And so, you see, although my year could have been better, there were alot of great moments too. I hope your year has started off beautifully and I wish you the happiest and healthiest year to come!


MiamiKel said...

Kare! What an awesome craftin' nook you've got! It's darling! It's so perfect - everything tucked in right where you need it in those TDF cubes and shelves! I can just see you sitting there, Rockstar at your feet, craftin :) Suh-weet!!

And look at Miss Judy's card! HOW CUTE IS THAT!!! Love love love it -- and the house is just outstanding. Is that a paper house my eyes are seeing? I must see/hear more! What a sweet SS you have -- ALL da sistahs are sweet, actually! TFS, Karebear!

Susan said...

CHEERS TO A NEW YEAR! KareBear I love your attitude of looking forward to all the possibilities and positives the future holds!

And look at you, startin' the year off all organized! While I wanted your condo to sell, I'm glad you're able to claim a stampin' space for now and free your goodies from their captivity. Love how you set everything up! But where is Rockstar's cube, with a little red velvet cushion and studded black leather trim???

OMG how adorable is that house! And Judy's card! What a special gift from such a special friend! Long live the Sisterhood! {HUG}

Lorie said...

Oh man! Do I EVER hear ya on the putting all the bad stuff behind!! I'm right there with ya, Karen! We're going to look forward to NOTHING but good things in the coming year! You've got a great start with that craftin' area! WOW that storage is not only efficient, but BEAUTIFUL, too! I love that system you've got going, and wish I was so lucky!

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

I love your space! What a great place to start fresh and new. I think 2010 is going to be a great year for all of us - all the ickies were gotten out in 2009!

Thanks for sharing and especially for sharing that amazing "box" you received from Lorie. It's beautiful ~ just like all the sisters.


Judy McMullen said...

Karen, love how you've organized your craft space. I love even more your attitude of putting the negative stuff from the past behind you and looking forward with positive affirmations! You go girl!

Thanks for the sweet display and compliments of my SS gift. I loved making the house to package your gift. I made it with the intention that it would be a visible reminder of your dream to have your own house. I know that dream will be a reality someday.

Much love and a great big hug, Judy

Catherine said...

Kare! The nook looks neato! Can you come do my area now???? :D Seriously, looks fab!
OH MY STARS! I am totally freaking out over Judy's craft-tastic creations! WOW-WEE! The car is so cute with Miss Judy at the wheel. And the house is just totally unbelievable! I think I'd put that puppy in a glass case. Totally worthy of the papercraft hall of fame!

kadie said...

I LOVE your newly organized room!!! I was eying those fabulous organizers at Michaels too. YOu lucky girl!! Beautiful!

And that gift from Judy is THE cutest! Omgosh! I love the little pic of her in the truck too. She's so creative. What a beautiful gift!