30 June, 2008

The best deal ever!

Just got a smokin' hot deal on some stuff for the trailer.
We drove to Canadian Tire (automotive, home improvement chain), to buy a BBQ. So they had a one day sale where when you purchase $40 worth of merchandise, you get a bonus $10 in Canadian Tire Money. (For my american friends, instead of reward points you get store money). So we bought the BBQ, got $10 bonus CT money. Then we bought a hose, nozzle, and two cintronella candles; $10 more. After that we bought the BBQ cover, and bug spray, and another citronella candle.... yep another $10. Mike had about $10 saved up so now we have about $40 in Canadian Tire money. Bought a brand new propane tank, filled with propane... $53.99 - paid with $40 canadian tire money and the rest cash!! The propane tank ended up costing us $16.!! What a deal. ON TOP of that, the transaction was over $40 and we walked away with another $10 in canadian tire money!!

I think I'm still walking on air on this deal.. I love saving money.. tee hee!!

24 June, 2008


So, this is my blog eh? Never blogged before and can't believe I have a blog now! LOL

Anyhoo.. so you ladies wanted to know what the oxymoron of a trailer resort was?! well, here it is ..... my new vacation home on Lake Erie in Ontario.......

so i know.. when'e the girls night stampin'??? let me work on dbf for that one!!

wish you were all here to share it with me!!
I tried to do the fainting from all the hard work look, but I couldn't without a straight face.. hehe
so now you ladies know what i look like without any make up! LOL
sorry, no bikini shots will be coming =P