17 March, 2009

Swapping Without Obligation

In case you don't read the comments posted on my blog, I had to bring this to your attention. Dear Sweet UUUUUBER talented Carolyn posted this comment:

"Maybe my mojo is hangin' out with your mojo sipping maragaritas on some secluded island surrounded by ripped and tanned surfer guys:o) At least that would explain why mine doesn't want to stay home;o)"

and it has me in stiches.... so I had to share it "aloud" ~ lol!!

My mojo is definately not coming back to my house after sippin' margaritas with ripped and tan surfer guys.. I mean lets face it.. the man candy I have at home is not really the ripped tanned surfer guy - type. LOL

I think I have signed up for something like 6 or 7 swaps of late. And having a mojo that's MIA is NOT helpful. Its tough sometimes, when you have friends creating swaps and you really want to join them. Mostly its beacause everyone else is and you want to see what they've created! But alas, we are SAVED! SUSAN has given us permission to swap without obligation! That's right, swap when you want to, when you have mojo & when you have time. That doesn't mean flake on your swaps of course, it only pertains to JOINING a swap!

Thanks Susan, for this lovely logo.

Oh, and head on over to her blog, she recently posted a GREAT spreadsheet she found for matching up cardstock and marker colors!

16 March, 2009


Good Morning ~
Yes, its monday again. And why hasn't my body gotten used to this time change yet? Oh Lawdy... its tough gettin' up in the a.m.

Well, let me start by saying I have NONE of my own creations to share. My laptop is on the fritz and therefore I haven't been able to take any photos. Not that anything i've done lately has been particularily amazing.. lol!

I do have a challege however. Now, my mojo is missing - so this weekend, I decided to case a card. i reached into my box of cards (a mix of my own creations and cards recived from the many swaps I've participated in) and pulled out a card with a very simple layout. Then I decided to NOT look at ANY of my stamps. Just copy the layout and see how that goes. Well, I got 8 card bases completed and they're ready for an image. That's all. An image or a sentiment like Thank you or Thinking of you, etc. Very simple.

So, for those of you who are missing some mojo - give it a try. At the very least, you'll be ahead on layouts and next time you need a quick thank you card or a birthday card, you'll have a base ready to go!

12 March, 2009

Blog Candy Alert!

A little birdie told me about some blog candy, so here you go - head on over for your chance to link up and win!

Paper in the Works 100,000 post blog candy!

09 March, 2009

Hectic Weekend & Trip to the Hospital

Got a link to this site off of Michelle's blog and checked it out.. very cool stuff and got my Blogging without Obligation logo off of it =) Hopefully I am forgiven for not posting much lately.

Thanks to KELLY for letting us all know about the chance to win a Cricut Expressions! Yay Kelly! Click here for your chance!

Well, it was a pretty hectic weekend, where it really wasn't supposed to be.

Had a teensy little accident in the kitchen on Saturday night. Really everyone, please remember the GOLDEN RULE... when using a sharp object, cut AWAY from your own body!! Four little stitches and a tetanus shot later, I arrived home in time to head out to the bar to dull the pain. Luckily, the pork ribs were spared. Bf made sure each rib was in a ziplock bag & in the freezer, the groceries all put away, and we got to enjoy a lovely steak dinner before he drove me to the hospital for our two hour ordeal.

My favoraite moment was the VERY ill-tempered triage nurse asked me "did you intentially try to hurt yourself?" and I started to chuckle because my bf and I were just talking about that on the way TO the hospital. Well, she was insulted and said, while squinting at me from above her glasses (just like the stereotypical librarian) "well I have to ask".... well - then I told her my bf and I were JUST saying how I'll probably be asked that question and then the little men in white coats were going to come take me away....

I guess the 2nd funny part would be when the doc was talking about injecting the freezing and bf pointed to his mouth and said, why don't you freeze it around THIS area? LOL!! Hmm.. maybe he wasn't joking.....?

Well, I have had a serious drought of mojo lately. I think I need some serious stamping juju.... anyone spare any? i will have to get down to some stamping this week. All this bath & body business is great, but hard work, and since I wont be putting my hands into anything bath & body till this wrist heals, I should try and get some papercuts eh? LOL Well, I could still create bath products since the injury is on my wrist, but I'd have to be extra careful and I certainly can't do that! Plus, I am weak... so... very... weak...


Okay, I actually have work to do. Hopefully I will have some things to post soon.

And thank you for all those who played the little game I was passing along! Mary, Lauri, Michelle & Susan, your goodies will be on thier way to you shortly!