25 October, 2008

Copic Crap

Okay, so I am posting twice in one day for one simple reason. i'm getting ready to go for my all u can eat prime rib dinner at the casino, and decided to share my copic crap with you before I load up on meat.

I thought I'd give these markers a try and lo and behold, I suck at this..... so here's proof. this pic was taken with my camera phone so its not that great, but trust me, it looks even worse in real life.. hahahaha.

One thing I do have to say, is that I DO love these markers. They are so easy to color with, the ink just comes out with a very light touch, and I love the vibrancy of the brighter colors. They move accross the paper with ease. I just have to learn the technique. You know what they say, don't blame the car, blame the driver? Well, don't blame the marker, blame the .... color-er? lol!!

Off I go to stuff my face!!

Christmas is coming and so are my stamps!

I'm patiently waiting for my stamps to come.
I put in an order with Whipper Snapper after coming up with some great poems and card ideas with my favorite girls on SCS.

i have to admit, I'm a stamping slut. I see a card or stamp that someone else has or if somebody posts a link or advises of a sale, I'm there! So.... I ALSO hopped on over to Whiff of Joy (Thanks for pimping that one out Kadie) and made a little purchase over there too.

Now I'm patiently waiting for those stamps to arrive so I can create with them. Or maybe they'll just end up in my collection. Since I think I've now become more of a rubber and paper collector than an actual stamper.

PaperAddict Catherine is also going to send me some alligator paper. A little challenge to see what the two of us can do with the same item. Now I THINK i should send her something back to create with. Its a doubledare after all.... eh Catherine?? hee hee... troublemakers we are!

For now, all i have to post is my halloween treats> Its pretty simple & plain, but I love the Trick or Cheese stamp from House Mouse.

21 October, 2008

01 October, 2008

Tagging, blogging, confusion

Man oh man.. there has to be an easier way to blog!
I can't seem to find how to do anything, let alone remember my password!! LOL

Okay, so what was with tinkerbelle? Apparently she's supposed to be here but I can't see her........................=P

I will have pics of the dog soon, promise!!