31 October, 2010

Halloween Doggies on Bloggies!


Thanks for stopping by! Are you getting ready to greet all the ghosts and goblins tonight?!
I remember as a kid, I had a cabbage patch doll. Actually, I had a "knock off" cabby & it was a short haired boy. I wanted a girl doll so bad, I used to pretend she was a girl with short hair. I dressed "her" up in dresses & girly clothes. Each halloween, I sat her on the window sill before I went out trick or treating & dressed her as The Paper Bag Princess. I guess, that's a good indication of my future paper crafting fetish!

Now, I have a living breathing little dog, which, funny enough, isn't much bigger than my knock off cabbage patch doll, to torture on Halloween.

I got Rockstar a little Halloween outfit, which is really difficult to take pictures of because its mainly black with glittery spider web designs all over. I got matching booties, which he just wants to chew! We had them on for a few short seconds and just after I clicked the above photo, I saw through my camera lens one orange bootie flying at my lens! I wish I caught that moment because it had Mike & I in stitches!

It wasn't long before he abandoned both booties.........

Oh, there was originally 4 booties, but he already ate one...

You can kind of make out the sparkles in this photo. He sat and posed for us!!

He may look a little sad here, but he doesn't actually mind wearing a little jacket. He's a pretty small pup, and its getting quite darn chilly out in Toronto so we'll keep this on him tonight =)

And finally, Rockstar's famous pose, with the one paw up ~ ready to shake your hand for a treat!

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Karen & Rockstar wwwwroooooooofffffffff!