20 January, 2010

High Hopes Blog hop....& othre stuff

Hi all!
Just wanted to send you a thank you for everyone who played along in the Inktegrity blog hop! If you haven't already, check the Inktegrity blog to see if you're a winner!

Sorry its taken me so long to post this, but my laptop went kaputz the day after the Inktegrity hop! GRRR!!! I've been without a computer until today!! I am waiting for the technician to tell me how much saving all my data will cost, if he can fix my laptop & how much THAT will cost, and if it can't be fixed, well, then I guess I'm SOL.. lol

For now I'm using another ancient hunk o junk ~ but I am thankful to at least be able to be online! This computer hence, does not have any of my programs, digis, photos, etc. programmed onto it. Its pretty much a shell. So it will be another week at least, until I am able to upload any pictures! Without the net, I have gottena few cards done though! LOL

Today is the 20th so don't forget to head on over to the High Hopes blog and hop along! The new Dustin Pike images, IMHO are TDF! Go Go Go!!!!