23 December, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas.........

Well, its almost Christmas Eve... i can't let the holiday go by without saying a Merry Christmas to you all! The next few days will be filled with some Christmas Cheer, some Turkey, some wine, and some sweets. I hope that for those of you who celebrate the holidays, that you have a fabulous and wonderful Christmas surrounded by love and joy. For those who don't, enjoy the few days to relax!

Happiness of the Season, from my family to yours.



MiamiKel said...

Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL card, Sweet Kare! You did a great job, not only on the card, but getting them out! You totally rock :) Next year, I promise I'll be a better friend and get them out!

kadie said...

Kare-bear!! I'm just making it through my blog hoppin since getting back from the holidays! I hope you and the man and family had a FaBulous holiday and that you are blessed beyond belief in 2010! I too thank you for the beautiful Christmas card! You are very sweet to me!
Love you lots, my dear friend!!