17 December, 2009

Doggies on Bloggies Blog Hop!

Welcome to the very first Doggies on (ink) Bloggies Blog Hop! If you started with my blog, head on over to the very beginning with Kelly & her baby poochie!

Meet my vicious pooch................ ROCKSTAR!

Vicious looking thing huh? Yep, until you realize he's a miniature pinscher, about the size of a two bit brownie for a full sized doberman. What you can't see in this picture of course, is the photographer - me. I've got the camera in one hand, and a pink plastic garden flamingo in the other. As you can see from Rockstar's expression, he's NOT exactly too fond of the flamingos.....

Rockstar joined our family in the summer of 2008. June or July. Yes, i know, bad dog mommy, can't remember the adoption date! When Mike picked him up, and brought him to me, he was so very tiny. I could sit him in the palms of my hands! He was a goofy little baby pooch and his personality began to show very early on. He housebroke without TOO much difficulty, however, he still hasn't got the hang of pooping outside at the cottage.........

Being the holiday season, a few of us decided to dress up our mutts, and post a fun little holiday doggie blog hop. So here's the VICIOUS ROCKY in his Christmas Tee. When I saw this t-shirt hanging on the rack, I knew I had to put my pooch in it.

Here's a much more darling pic of him in it:

Now, you might be wondering why this is such a fitting tee for him. Sometimes, he has a little accident in the house. He always poops in the same spot when this happens. And he KNOWS it. So here's a little vid to brighten your day. We discovered the "gift" and asked him.... "did you poop in the house?" Just WATCH HIS EARS! LOL!

Rockstar has many nicknames. Poopster, poopie, Poopstar, dirty muttkin, rocky stinky puppy, stinky muttkin. The most common being Rocky stinky puppy....... Do you have a nickname for your pooch? Or kitty? Bird? Other pet? I'd love to know! Leave a comment and let me know what you call your fur (or feather?) baby!

Now HOP on over to visit with LORIE's canine friends!

And lastly.......... in case inquiring minds wanted to know......
He's a boy!

KAREN - you're here!

Thanks for stopping by..............!


kadie said...
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kadie said...

That dog has the MOST personality I've ever seen in a dog!! So funny, so cute, and so ferocious (I know he's fakin that)!!
Thanks for sharing these pics with us and that video is priceless!!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

How funny... I loved the ferocious pictures and the video. Rockstar is so cute!

Catherine said...

Aw, Rocky's a PoopStar! LOL! What a cutie! Those ears are too funny! Thanks for playing along, Kare!

*Susan* said...

"Guess what?
His name is Poopstar.
He's got some poop moves,
And he will shooooow you tonight!"

LOVE THE EARS!! I don't know what I enjoyed more - watching Rockstar or hearing you & Mike talk in your doggie voices!

Duncan, The Boy Cat, is also known as Dunc, Duncster, The Duncman, Buddy, Bunny, and Dorkman.

Lila, The Girl Cat, is also known as LilaBelle, LeeLee, Bella, Pretty Girl, Tubs, and Fat Little B****.

nikilynn said...

Love the pictures!!! Love the you growling one... looks so mean, but probably just lick you death huh?
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

oh tears are springing - seriously. Did YOU poop in the house?

LOL..... baby doggie voices and all...

Lorie said...

ROLFLMBO! That video was the CUTEST!! Who cares if he poops in the house! He's so cute he can get away with it! The pictures are wonderful, too! This was so much fun!

Oh, and Oliver is known as Ollie most of the time, while Lola is Lola Bean, or the optimum pooper.
Thanks for sharing Mr. Rockstar with us! He is TRULY a star!!

Love ya,

~Paola~ said...

aww Karen...this are fabulous pictures! and what a ham Rockstar is...I think he truly enjoys 'dressing' up in his
'present' outfit! Too darling!
I haven't seen the video yet, (I am in class at the moment!!) but will over my lunch break so that I can laugh too without being looked at from several pair of eyes!!:o)
Thanks for sharing Rockstar with us! *muwahh*

Shelly said...

Awww! He's Mr. personality Plus. :) What a precious boy!

My dog, who was named Princess Aurora by my nieces, goes by Princess, but she has lots of nicknames. Cess, Cessy,Cessaria, Fluffy Nuffy, Nuff, Noonbug Junebug, and the list goes on. lol When Princess gets called Princess Aurora she knows that she better obey right now. Her full name only gets used when she's being really bad. :)

MiamiKel said...

OMGosh ,so funny Karen!! Who did pooopy in da house! LOL! You guys are hilarious :) He's so darling!! That ferocious photo is TDF!! OMGosh he looks like a riot!!!!! You are seriously crackin' me up, Kare!!

Gael said...

The guilty look on his face as he looks into the video camera is too funny!!